Tuesday, August 07, 2012

ALIVE - Vinod Varma (Official Music Video)

“Alive” - Our first project has been launched today. The work was an awesome experiance with the team. Lot of things to learn, practice and unleash.
  • Composed and sung by Vinod Varma
  • Lyrics by Pramodh Shenoy
  • Stills - Anoop Kumar, Kiran Mathew Thomas, Sapna Vinod
  • Editing & Effects - Vibin Venugopal
  • Video Courtsey - Vibin Venugopal, Kiran Mathew Thomas, Anoop Kumar & Wazeem Basheer
  • Thanks to Jojo, Akhil, San Kumar & Mr. Thomas Varghese
Check out the video and let us have your suggestions.
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