Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Enjoying in summer...

Enjoying in summer..., originally uploaded by Neo-grapher.

While travelling on the way to Somnathpura, we stopped on the way for water. Then my friends found some kids taking bath in the river beside. We went there to take photos , then the kids started to be very cooperative. They were showing different styles while jumping into the river. All were clicking different shots in different styles.
I was very sad that I cannot jump into the water. in our childhood , we used to be in ponds for long 2 hrs also. I lost everything for last 5 years. It was very hot on that day , I wish I could jump to the water. Again the electronics items came in mind. I can't do it with my camera , iPod and mobile phone in hand :D

There will be time when I could try all these things again ....... Hope so :)

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