Friday, April 30, 2010

How do you forget your child while travelling?

This incident happened today when I was having my coffee near to my house. When i was at the shop, I noticed a kid of age 6 or 7, was standing on the bus stop. She was weeping and looking at everyone who pass through the street. I watched for sometime and I was really afraid to go and ask what happened. You never know what will happen after that. Then she suddenly came to the shop and asked for 1 rupee coin. She is having 2Rs, in her hand. Then people and the guy at the shop started asking what happened to her. Even though I'm not good in Kannada, I understood that the kids parents missed her while getting into the bus. Then one of the guy asked her fathers number which he found switched off. Now he tried her mothers number and came to know her place and informed her to come there.

I wonder how do people miss their own kids while getting into a bus. They could have waited for the next bus. Hopefarm jn in whitefield, Bangalore is having lot of buses to all places in every minute. So next time when you go out , take care of your child. Nothing comes beyond that, anything can wait for your child. Always there won't be good people who helps. The people around her (excluding some people like me) was so helpful that they had made an effort to call her parents. Also think about her , what she would be thinking at that 10 - 20 mins time. She was crying over the phone. It can even make a scratch in your relationship with you kid. Please always be careful while you travel with your kids.
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